Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator

You can use the Your Fitness Tools ® body fat calculator to calculate what percentage of your body weight is fat. All you need to do is measure your body weight, waist, hip and forearm circumference and then input them along with your gender into the above body fat calculator to find out your estimated body fat percentage.

What is body fat and why do we need it?

The body stores two types of fat, essential and storage body fat. The essential fat is used to support the function of the human body and regulate hormones. The storage body fat is the build-up of fat that hasn’t been utilised by the body so this plays a less important role in the body. Not getting enough dietary fat will have a detrimental impact on your overall health and its very important that you are getting enough fat in your diet. To find out how much fat your body needs, head over to our ‘Macro Diet Calculator’

How to calculate body fat?

You can get an estimate of your body fat with the Your Fitness Tools ® body fat calculator but for as more accurate reading you can get a DEXA scan or a skin caliper test.

You will need to record the following measurements to calculate your body fat percentage;

Weight: Weigh yourself in lbs. You should weight yourself in the morning, before breakfast, and without clothes on.

Waist: Bring the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your torso to measure your waist accurately. The tape should sit tightly around the skin but make sure you aren’t pulling your stomach in.

Forearm: To measure the forearm, simply place your tape around the thickest part of your forearm which will be closest to your elbow.

Wrist: wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your wrist.

Hip:  To measure your hips you need to place the tap around the widest point below your waist. It’s important that you keep your feet together and removing all items of clothing in order to get an accurate measurement.

After you have finished recording your measurements, you can input them into the body fat calculator for an estimated body fat percentage.

The best way to reduce body fat?

When it comes to losing body fat it is extremely important to find a long term sustainable approach that works for you because you really need to avoid ‘Yo-Yo dieting’ which happens mainly when people follow ‘fad unsustainable diets’!

Track your weight loss; You should be aiming to lose between 1-2 lbs per week but its worth noting that in the first couple of weeks you may lose more than this but it will slow down to around 1-2 lbs each week after week 2.

In order to track your weight you need to weigh yourself first thing on a morning after visiting the restroom and write down your weight. After you record your weigh ins for 7 days you then add them all up and divide by 7 to get your average weight. You then subtract this from your weight at the start of the week and this will show you your true weight loss.

Find a balance of weight lifting/body weight exercises and cardio exercises with mixed intensity in order to maintain a balanced physique. If you are struggling for workout ideas then be sure to check our workout plans or you can visit the NHS exercise guide lines for alternative suggestions

It’s important to ensure you consume a balanced diet to lose weight safely and effectively. To find out exactly how many calories with a breakdown of the amount of Fat, Protein & Carbohydrates you need t consume to lose weight you can use the Your Fitness Tools ® ‘Macro Diet Calculator’