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How much sleep do you usually get?

You are likely here because you’re asking yourself, ‘How much sleep do I need?’

With longer working hours, more screen time and a willingness to respond to emails at any hour of the day. The requirements for career success mean that the modern human rarely catches a full eight hours of sleep anymore! In spite of what experts say on about how much sleep you need,  more than 50% of us now get only six hours or less per night!

It’s been proven that the amount of sleep you get, has an impact on everything from your weight to your brain function and your overall health. With that said, keeping track of your sleep pattern, for many people just isn’t a priority but it’s certainly worth paying attention to, given the impact it has on your overall health.

Most people have a consistent wake up time which is driven by the time they start work. The time the majority of people go to sleep varies day to day and is lead predominantly by their social life, technology and their favourite Netflix series!

if you know what time you have to get up, and you know you need a specific amount of sleep to function at your optimum level, you just need to calculate what time to go to bed based on your sleep cycle. In order to fully optimize your sleep you need to take into consideration your REM and non-REM sleep cycles, you can use our sleep calculator to work this out for you.