About Us

Our Mission

Your Fitness Tools exists for one reason, and that is to constantly challenge and develop our customers to help them achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness. We have made a commitment to our customers to provide a safe, honest and reliable products that help as many people as we can to reach their goals and beyond. We also understand that there are many fitness choices online and that is why we are constantly improving and updating our content online for customers. While Your Fitness Tools may be a fitness business, the thing most important to us is our Customers and their goals. We value our customers and always strive to be the website where our customers can come to help them on their fitness goals. We want to be your go to place for everything fitness.

Simon Brown, CEO

    How it all started

  • It was 6am on a Monday morning. I was doing my morning cardio. I knew so much about achieving my own fitness goals and knew I wanted to help other people achieve theirs.
  • I decided to write some training plans that would make working out fun and less intimidating for people.
  • I opened my laptop and started typing.
  • Over 1800 hours later, I bring to you, Your Fitness Tools.
  • I had no idea that what I produced would change the lives of so many people around the world.