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Carb Watchers Lean Body MRP

By: Labrada


Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body MRP Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake! 40 Grams Of Protein

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CARBWATCHERS LEAN BODY high protein meal replacement shake is the convenient, reduced-carb nutrition solution for athletes who want to support fat burning while supporting lean muscle tissue.* If you have little time to prepare meals, CARBWATCHERS LEAN BODY is for you. Each packet of CARBWATCHERS LEAN BODY provides 40g of LeanPro protein, and just 12g of low glycemic, high fiber carbs, plus 21 vitamins & minerals. No maltodextrin, aspartame, artificial colors, trans fat, or preservatives.

Like the LEAN BODY® Meal Replacement Shakes, our delicious high protein CARBWATCHERS® LEAN BODY®provides maximum muscle growth support while minimizing fat storage.*
Each serving of CARBWATCHERS® LEAN BODY® contains 40 grams of LABRADA®'s exclusive, high-quality protein blend – LeanPro®.
CARBWATCHERS® LEAN BODY® Meal Replacement Shakes are lower sugar and lower carbs (50% less carbs than original LEAN BODY®), making them ideal for athletes who want to put on muscle and overall lean look.*
CARBWATCHERS® LEAN BODY®tastes incredible. The American Culinary Institute has awarded LEAN BODY® its GOLD MEDAL TASTE AWARD.

40g LeanPro® Proteins
Over 7000mg BCAAs
Over 8000mg Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
12g Low-glycemic, 
High-fiber Carbohydrates
4g FiberPlex™ Dietary Fiber
4.5g EFA-Plex™
21 Vitamins & Minerals
No Maltodextrin
No Aspartame
No Trans Fat
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives