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Animal Cuts, 42 PAKS

By: Universal Nutrition


Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts, 42 PAKS The Complete Vitamin Stack For Supporting Overall Health Designed to Provide Added Nutrients Above a Standard Vitamin Food Supplement

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Required For

Athletes looking to increase vitamin/mineral support.
Athletes who hold excess water.
Any weight management goal.

Daily Dose

Two packs per day, everyday for 3 consecutive weeks on both training and non-training days.

Animal Cuts is a great support food supplement to assist with any muscle building or weight management goal.

Animal Cuts. Since nearly a decade ago when Schak wiped his mighty brow in the iconic “Cardio Sucks” ad, the most hard of the hardcore have depended on Animal Cuts when being lean alone simply wouldn’t suffice. The earliest of editions to the Animal line, Cuts did for your typical weight management supplements what Pak once did for multivitamins—rendered all others obsolete.

Designed specifically with the needs of advanced bodybuilders in mind, Cuts was formulated to produce dramatic changes in an athlete’s physique. The Cuts user demanded results and that is precisely what they got. That was then and this is now, and though so much has changed, some things always remain the same. Where the supplement advancements of 2009 meet the original Animal ethos, you’ll find the brand new formula of Animal Cuts.

The new Cuts formula is advanced and complete, including ingredients designed to support weight management. In this way the Cuts formula is everything the iron athlete needs, totally comprehensive--the supplement bottom line when it comes to displaying the hard work you have put in. It is up to you to supply the desire, to stay on your diet and eat clean, to bring it in the gym and on the treadmill. You put in the hard work and Cuts will support the rest.

Though it seems impossible to top the results reported by the legions of Cuts loyalists over the years; those that have long regarded Animal Cuts as their secret weapon in the fight against thier ideal physique, that was exactly the intent from the get-go for the brothers behind the scenes at Animal. It was a tough task, but tough is the only way Animal knows. The higher our standards, the better our products, the more legit your results.

With Animal Cuts you get an all-inclusive product. Think of it as one-stop-shopping, everything-you-need-in -a-single-pack. Talk about convenience. You don't have to think about anything, just pop a pack and right down the hatch. It ain’t your conventional weight management supplement. This new Animal Cuts formula maintains the spirit of the old—comprehensive and complete power, just taken up to the next level. Unlike most conventional “weight management supplements” out there, Animal Cuts is more than just a that. It is a complete and comprehensive formula that supports weight management from multiple angles.

The new Animal Cuts formula is made up of eight distinct components. Clearly, Cuts is complete from top to bottom.

Animal Cuts includes potent ingredients that support weight management goals. On a side note, like its brothers, Animal Pump and Animal M-Stak, you can now easily remove any complex you may not need that dose. Just remove the single colored capsule. You'd be surprised how often we got this question in the past...


"Although a powerlifter's job is to lift as much weight as possible, who says you can's be strong and have abs? Gravity may not care what you look like, but the ladies and the bodybuilding judges do. That why I use Animal Cuts.

-Sam "Big" Byrd, Multi-World Record
Powerlifter and Competitive Bodybuilder


From a metabolic point of view, Animal Cuts, is stacked with only the most potent tea extracts. From green tea extract to oolong tea extract to white tea extract to black tea extract, it’s all covered here. These concentrated tea extracts have all been standardized for their potent polyphenol content, including EGCG as well as various other powerful catechins. Coffee bean extract is also added for its potent polypehol and chlorogenic acid. Such factors can be the difference in giving you the upper hand to reach your weight management goals.

Animal Cuts is rounded out by a special bioavailability complex. With ingredients like the new Cuts formula, you don’t want to miss a milligram.

When it comes to reaching your weight management goals, when contest shape is in your sights, look to Animal Cuts. The strict dieting, calorie-crunching, ball-busting battles with the weights and beating up the treadmill for miles a day are the necessary evils of attaining the condition you so desire and that, well, that simply can’t be bought in a can. But if you have the balls to step up and are willing to pay your dues, like always, we’ve got your back. Animal meets you half way with the all-new, more powerful, reformulated Animal Cuts, designed to be the difference maker.