Training Plans


The 20 Minute Killer

Exercise & Interval

1. Chin-Ups x 1min.

2. Treadmill Run x 1min.

3. Push-Ups x 1min.

4. Treadmill Run x 1min.

Rounds: 5 (20min. Total)



Each set is a 1-minute long and you will have to get through 20 of them to finish the workout!

For this workout i personally set the treadmill running to a medium / fast running pace, for me that’s usually around 16kph.

You will want to start with the 60 second run and then alternate between the push ups and pull ups until you have done 5 rounds of the these and 10 rounds of the runs.

The trick with the pull ups and push ups is to do as many as you possibly can in the 60 second interval. I would recommend that even if you can't do anymore reps, try stay in position. (for pull ups : try not letting go over the pull up bar)