Our commitment to people and planet

Our philosophy

It is not just humans that need extra support to remain healthy, our planet does as well. Protecting the environment from harmful waste and gases is a global concern, one in which we at Your Fitness Tools take very seriously. We are keen advocates for environmental sustainability so that we can all live in a much healthier world.

What makes us eco-responsible?

Careful consideration has gone into the packaging of our vitamins and supplements. We do not use plastic for any of our product packaging. Instead, we use amber glass jars with metal lids so that out products are recyclable and environmentally friendly. All of our vitamins and minerals are manufactured in a 100% renewable, vegan-approved energy factory.


The Your Fitness Tools Vitamin and supplement product range is vegan-friendly. As a brand, we understand that in recent years there has been a major global shift towards vegan diets, with much research suggesting veganism has a huge impact on reducing our environmental impact on earth.

Our invigorating partnership with Ecologi

When purchasing a Your Fitness Tools product, you are making a positive difference to our planet. Every vitamin product that we sell helps to reduce our carbon footprint, all thanks to our flagship collaboration with Ecologi. Check out our Ecologi Profile out to see how we are helping the environment.