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Vitamin C Tablets | Vitamin C Complex 1000mg

Vitamin C Tablets | Vitamin C Complex 1000mg

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Discover the Essence of Purity with Our Vegan Vitamin C  Tablets | Vitamin C Complex 1000mg

Elevate your health regime with 'Your Fitness Tools'  Vitamin C Tablets, a symphony of nature's finest sources of vitality. Our Vegan Vitamin C Supplement is a beacon of wellness, designed for those who pursue a life of health and sustainability.

Rich in Antioxidants: Harnessing the power of acerola cherry powder and rosehip, our supplement is not just any ascorbic acid vitamin c product; it's a potent antioxidant formula providing comprehensive vitamin c supplement benefits.

High-Strength Formula: Each capsule contains Vitamin C 1000mg, making it one of the best ascorbic acid supplements on the market. Our vitamin c pills 1000 mg offer a robust foundation for your daily nutritional needs.

Crafted for Vegans: With a commitment to ethical and health-conscious production, our vegan vitamin C tablets are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a plant-based health boost.

Experience the Power of Our High-Strength Vitamin C Tablets

Immune and Skin Health: Our vitamin c tablets benefits extend beyond basic wellness. Known for vitamin c tablet's skin benefits, our formula supports the radiance and resilience of your skin while bolstering the immune system.

Sourced from Nature: We believe in the purity of our ingredients, which is why we incorporate rosehip benefits into our vitamin c capsules. The rosehip plant is celebrated for its natural richness in Vitamin C and is a cornerstone of our formula.

Synergistic Blend: The combination of ascorbic acid powder, acerola, and rosehip tablets creates a synergistic effect that enhances the efficacy of our supplement, providing you with the vitamin c supplement best suited for optimal health.

Eco-Conscious Packaging: Aligned with our dedication to the planet, we package our vitamin c in capsules in environmentally friendly amber glass jars, ensuring that our high-quality Vitamin C tablets 1000mg capsules are as good for the earth as they are for you.

Choose 'Your Fitness Tools' for your daily dose of wellness. Our Vitamin C Complex is more than a supplement; it's a daily ritual for a vibrant and healthier you.


Vitamin C Tablets(Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg, Capsule Shell; Vegetable Cellulose 120mg, Rose Hip Powder 5mg, Acerola Fruit 5mg, Magnesium (oxide) 3mg, Calcium (carbonate) 1.97mg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paddy A

Excellent value for money. I would recommend these for sure.


Wanted to try the vitamin c as it is highly dosed and lots of capsules per bottle.

I get all my supplements from YFT as you can’t fault them

Sarah Nicholson

In my opinion, these Vitamin C capsules are great value for money compared with some of the other options available.
The jar holds 120 tablets, which is a 4 month supply. I have found these to be very easy to swallow, and they do not have that horrible sickly taste that a lot of vitamin tablets usually have.
I like the fact that they are also vegan which is great because sometimes companies use cheaper animal ingredients to cut cost.
I am taking one tablet daily, as part of my vitamin regimen, which I find to be a great boost for my immune system.
The product arrived in sustainable packaging and in a glass jar rather than plastic ones, which is good to see. I could not have been happier with this purchase.


I take many supplements for a number of reasons and have done for the majority of my life & these are by far my favourite vitamin C tablets. Due to the complex formula , I personally believe they are more effective than any of the others I have tried before. I usually get run down with a cold at least once a month (I work in a primary school) and since taking these have never fully developed anything! I would highly recommend to anyone.

Sophie K

Item arrived in sustainable packaging which looked great. The jars are made out of glass rather than plastic which is a really nice touch and makes it look really premium and high quality. The capsules have no nasty additives and contain only the ingredients listed on the label. the capsules themselves are quite large, again to be expected given they are 1000mg per capsule. I take every morning with breakfast along with some of their other products. I would highly recommend this vitamin C supplement